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 Short Sale or Foreclosure?

What is a Short Sale? A short sale is when the property owner owes more on their current loans/mortgages than their property is worth,and they no longer have the ability to make their mortgage payments. The property owner is asking the lender to take less than the property is worth to facilitate a sale. The first step in the short sale process for the property owner is to prove that they are in financial distress due to unemployment, medical,divorce,death,and relocation, to name a few.
There are several steps in the short sale process and Pam Martin is accredited and can walk you thru the process.

What is the Foreclosure Process? The foreclosure process begins when the property owner has missed their third consecutive mortgage payment. The property owner will receive a notice of default from the lender letting them know they have started  foreclosure proceedings.

As a property owner you do have options. To learn more about these options call or e-mail Pam Martin.