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Welcome to The Bill and Pam Martin Team!!

The Bill and Pam Martin Team take an approach to real estate built on experience, trust and confidence. We build strong relationships with our clients. We want what is best  before, during, and after the transaction. 

A house is not a home because of its room dimensions, the color of the walls or the name of the subdivision.  It is about how you feel when you walk through the front door, settle into the family room or retire into the master bedroom. However, these feelings need to be properly balanced against the today's current financial reality.

We utilize the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to exceed your expectations. More importantly, we listen and that means we find solutions that are tailored to you.  No one can outwork us!  Give us a chance and you will see Real Results!

How We Can Help?

Thanks for starting your real estate search with us. This website is full of information for you whether you are looking to buy or sell.

 After you have had the chance to review this information, contact us so we can tell you more about how we can help.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. 

Is This A Good Time To Buy A New Home?

It is a great time to buy.  The deals are amazing and if you can paint and do some repairs - all the better.  Fixer-upper projects are up to 25% cheaper than 2 years ago.  Instant equity!

If you plan on staying in your house for a length of time and have a stable job situation - now is the time to buy.   Make your money going into your new house. Trust the Martin Team to help you find the right property for today's real estate conditions.

What Types of Homes Do The Bill and Pam Martin Team Sell?

'Normal Sale':  the way it's always been done!  We can help market and sell your house using today's latest marketing, pricing and sales techniques.

Estate Sales:  it is often very difficult to sell a family member's house.  The Martin Team is very experienced with these projects.  Estate sales often have the following characteristics:  property is outside of probate, often in need of some updating and priced for a quick sale.  A home seller in this position may need to spend time cleaning, painting, ridding the property of clutter - all to make the house marketable to an investor or first time buyer.

Short Sales:  so many people - for a variety of reasons -  must sell their property 'short'.  This refers to asking the bank to take less then the principal balance on the properties' loans to sell the house at today's value.  Also, the seller must prove there is a finanial hardship preventing the seller from bringing enough money to closing to help satisfy their debt. Often painful and emotionally draining, but a short sale,helps to potentially protect your credit.  Please go to our special section on Short Sales for more information on this process.

Special Topics in Selling - The Bill and Pam Martin Team

Wholesale Properties:  These are often estate sale properties where the owner has not done significant updating in at least 30 years and many of the major mechanical systems are in potential disrepair.  Family members may not have the time, money or even live close enough to repair these properties to be properly marketed.  The best solution is to tap into Pams' investor and wholesale connections for a cash sale with a quick close.  

Investment 'Flips':  often wholesale properties, auction properties or REO's - an investor is looking for the best opportunity to buy, fix and resell a property for profit.  The Martin Team has experience helping investors maximize their returns, even in today's volatile Real Estate Market!

Commercial Leasing and Purchases:  Over the last few years, Bill has develped experience in leasing and purchasing commercial properties.  Contact us for all apartments, mixed-use, retail strip centers and commercial leasing.


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